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PESACHIM 111 (5 Cheshvan) - Dedicated in honor of the Yahrzeit of Reb Naftali ben Reb Menachem Mendel (Tuli Bodner) Z"L, an Ish Chesed and Ish Ma'aseh radiating joy whose Ahavas Yisrael knew no bounds. Dedicated by his son Mordechai Bodner of Givat Mordechai, Yerushalayim.


1. Reish Lakish lists four things that one should not do lest he put himself in grave danger.
2. Some beings should not go between two men, and a man should not go between two of them.
3. If they do pass between two men, the situation can be remedied.
4. There are five types of shade in which evil spirits reside.
5. The Gemara mentions writing amulets to ward off evil spirits that would attack people.


1. These dangerous things are: going to the bathroom between a palm tree and a wall, passing between two trees, drinking borrowed water, and passing over spilled water. The Gemara explains that these actions are dangerous only under certain circumstances.
2. These beings include: A woman, dog, and a palm tree. (Some add a snake, and some add a pig.)
3. Rav Papa says that saying a verse that starts with "E-l" and ends with "E-l" (such as Bamidbar 23:22-23), or that starts with "Lo" and ends with "Lo," helps.
4. The Gemara continues by relating stores of evil spirits attacking people under the shade of these trees.
5. The amulets would be custom-written to ward off the specific evil spirit that the person was encountering.

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