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1. The Mishnah discusses which parts of the Korban Pesach may be eaten.
2. Abaye says that there is an argument in our Mishnah.
3. Rava says that there is no argument in our Mishnah.
4. There is a dispute about sinews that become inedible when the goat is older.
5. Rav Yosef: Everyone agrees that one is not liable for breaking the bone of a Korban Pesach offered in a state of Tum'ah.


1. The Mishnah says that one may eat in a tender young goat anything that can be eaten in a mature ox (it does not get too hard), implying that any part of an ox that cannot be eaten is forbidden in a young goat.
2. The Mishnah adds parts that do not seem to be edible in a large ox (such as cartilage). Abaye understands that the first opinion in the Mishnah is that these are not included, and the second opinion is that they are included as being edible.
3. Rava says that the Mishnah means that whatever is eaten from a large ox when it is boiled in water may be eaten from a young goat that is roasted, including cartilage, etc.
4. Rebbi Yochanan: They may be considered food for people to eat when they are part of the group bringing the Korban Pesach. Reish Lakish: They are not considered edible parts of the Korban Pesach.
5. Even in a case where most of Bnei Yisrael were Tamei, one is not liable for breaking the bone of a Korban Pesach, since by nature it is an invalid Korban Pesach that happens to be permitted to be eaten this year (and the Torah only forbids breaking the bone of an ordinary, Tahor offering).

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