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1. Rebbi: Even if the Korban Pesach is cut open in two or three places and placed over coals, it is considered roasted by fire.
2. "And you should love your fellow man like yourself" teaches that Beis Din should choose a painless death when executing a Jew who sinned and is liable to death.
3. The punishment of Sereifah does not entail burning the person at the stake.
4. If a Korban Pesach touched the side of the oven, the area that touched the oven should be scraped off.
5. If some fat dripped onto the oven and then became re-absorbed into the Korban Pesach (during roasting), the entire area should be cut off.


1. The case is where he cut open, but did not separate, the animal in two or three places in order to enable it to roast quickly.
2. Besides teaching that one should love his fellow man as he loves himself and do nothing to him that one would not want someone to do to himself, this verse also teaches that if he is liable for the death penalty in Beis Din, he should be killed in the most painless manner (within the general guidelines of the Torah regarding how he should be killed).
3. Rather, a molten piece of lead is poured down his throat. This fulfills the "burning" stated by the Torah and it also preserves his body, similar to the way that Nadav and Avihu died (by their insides being burned while their bodies remained intact, which is also called "burning" by the Torah).
4. This is because that area is considered roasted by the oven, not by fire.
5. This is because the flavor of the fat enters deep into the meat, and therefore it is insufficient merely to scrape off the area of contact.

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