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1. There is a dispute about the punishment for knowingly usurping Hekdesh.
2. Me'ilah is transgressed even when a person was unaware beforehand that he would transgress by using that item.
3. If a person separates Terumah on Pesach when it has already become Chametz, his act of separating Terumah is invalid.
4. One is allowed to benefit from the burning of bread or oil that is Terumah Teme'ah.
5. Some say that this (#4) was stated specifically with regard to items such as bread and oil.


1. Rebbi: One is punished with death, as derived through a Gezeirah Shavah of "Chet-Chet" from Terumah. Chachamim: It is an ordinary negative prohibition.
2. Generally, a person must have knowledge of a prohibition before he is considered to have transgressed it accidentally. Me'ilah is different. For Me'ilah, a person is liable even when he thought that he was using an item Chulin.
3. One reason is that the verse states, "You shall give to him," implying that Terumah is not valid if it cannot be given to and used by the Kohen. In this case, since it is Chametz on Pesach it must be put straight into a fire.
4. According to Rava, he must be careful to burn the bread with wood, and he must put the oil in a disgusting vessel to ensure that no one eats it.
5. Chizkiyah and Rav Huna: It does not apply to kernels of wheat, which do not become disgusting even when discarded. Rebbi Yochanan: The same law applies to wheat.

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