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1. A non-Kohen ate Terumah when it was worth four Zuz. At the time he was asked to pay for it, its value had dropped to only one Zuz. He must pay four Zuz.
2. There is a dispute among Tana'im about whether one must pay when he eats, on Pesach, Terumah that is Chametz.
3. The Beraisa includes the arguments of both Tana'im (#2).
4. The Gemara discusses the minimum amount of Terumah for which a non-Kohen must pay the principle and a fifth if he eats it.
5. According to the Tana Kama, if a non-Kohen eats less than a k'Zayis of Terumah, he must pay the principle but not the extra fifth.


1. This is in accordance with the law that a thief must pay the value of what he stole at the time of the theft, and not its value at the time when he is found guilty.
2. Rebbi Eliezer ben Yakov: He does not pay anything. Rebbi Eliezer Chisma: He must pay the principle plus a fifth, as is the law in the Mishnah.
3. When Rebbi Eliezer ben Yakov argued that one should not have to pay since there is no benefit, Rebbi Eliezer Chisma argued back that there is also no benefit from Terumah Teme'ah, yet one who eats it still must pay! Rebbi Eliezer ben Yakov rejoined that one may benefit from Terumah Teme'ah by using it as fuel for his fire.
4. Tana Kama: He must eat at least a k'Zayis of Terumah to be liable to pay back the principle and a fifth. Aba Shaul: He must eat at least a Perutah's worth of Terumah.
5. Rav Papa said that Aba Shaul maintains that one adds a fifth only if it is worth a Perutah and it is the size of a k'Zayis, but he later retracted this opinion.

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