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1. The Gemara explains how an ordinary Jew (a non-Kohen) may make an Eruv with food of Terumah.
2. The Gemara similarly explains how one may make an Eruv with wine when a Nazir has a share of the Eruv.
3. The Gemara similarly explains how one may sell to a Nochri any non-Kosher animals, fish, or birds that he caught.
4. One is forbidden to specifically hunt non- Kosher animals, fish, or birds in order to sell them to Nochrim.
5. There is a dispute about whether one is prohibited mid'Oraisa to benefit from an animal of Chulin that was slaughtered in the Azarah.


1. According to the opinion that one may benefit from something he is forbidden to eat, there is no question. According to the other opinion, the Gemara derives from the verse, "Your Terumah," that it is considered as belonging to the person and he therefore may benefit from it.
2. The phrase, "Nizro," indicates that the wine is still considered his in that he is permitted to benefit from it.
3. If he has already caught them among the Kosher animals that he is catching, he is allowed to sell them. This is derived from the phrase, "for you," implying that one may benefit from these animals if he has caught them already (b'Di'eved).
4. The verse states, "They should be [disgusting to you]." (This applies only to non-Kosher animals sold for food, as opposed to horses, etc., that one is allowed to sell for riding or working. -Tosfos)
5. Rebbi Meir: It is forbidden mid'Oraisa. Rebbi Yehudah: It is not forbidden mid'Oraisa.

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