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1. The Mishnah discusses a case in which two women brought six birds altogether. Each woman needed three bird offerings.

2. The Mishnah (see #1) continues to discuss a case in which the Kohen offered half of the birds as Olos and half as Chata'os.
3. The Mishnah discusses the case of a woman who pledged to offer a set of bird offerings if she gives birth to a boy.
4. The Mishnah discusses what must be done in the previous case in the event that the Kohen thought that both sets were obligatory.
5. The Mishnah continues and says that this is the Halachah (see #1 and #2 above) when the woman was offering only one type of bird.


1. One woman needed to offer two Olos and one Chatas. The other woman needed to offer two Chata'os and one Olah. If all of the birds were mistakenly offered as Olos, neither woman fulfills her Chatas obligations. If all of the birds were offered as Chata'os, neither woman fulfills her Olah obligations.

2. A pair of birds had been designated as Olos, a pair as Chata'os, and a pair had not been designated before the Kohen offered them. The Mishnah says that in such a case only the pair that had not yet been designated is considered valid, and the women split that pair.
3. Her pledge is assumed to be in addition to her obligation to offer two birds (if she is poor). Accordingly, she must offer two birds as an Olah in addition to her obligatory set of an Olah and a Chatas.
4. If the Kohen treated them as two sets of an Olah and a Chatas each, and the woman did not designate each bird to be one or the other type of Korban before she gave them to the Kohen, she must offer another Olas ha'Of to fulfill her pledge.
5. However, if one set was comprised of pigeons and the other set turtledoves, she must offer another pigeon and another turtledove as Olos, because we are unsure about which type of bird was invalid (and mistakenly offered as a Chatas). This is based on the previous Mishnah (2:5) that states that one cannot offer a pigeon in place of a turtledove, and vice versa.

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