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1. Alexander Mokdon asked the Chachamim ten questions.
2. He asked them: Who is called a wise man, a strong man, and a rich man?
3. He asked them: What should a person do if he wants to live or die?
4. Alexander was persuaded not to wage war against a country in Africa in which only women lived.
5. Alexander found a spring whose source was the Garden of Eden.


1. One of these questions was whether the heavens or the earth was created first. The Chachamim answered that heaven was created first, as implied by the first verse in the Torah that mentions "heaven" before "earth."
2. They replied that a wise man is someone who foresees what is going to happen in the future. A strong man is one who can control his evil inclination. A rich man is one who is happy with his portion.
3. They answered that in order to live, one should kill himself, and in order to die, one should act alive. They meant that in order to live a person should act humble, as people will not attack him (even with the evil eye). In order to die, a person should act haughtily, thereby drawing the attention of many enemies (and the evil eye).
4. They told him: There will be no glory in such a war. If you win, people will say you killed a country of women. If you lose, people will say that women were able to beat you!
5. While sitting at the stream he washed the salt off his fish. A nice smell started to come from the fish, and he concluded that the spring must be from Gan Eden.

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