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1. The Kohanim would make a hole in the hind legs of the Tamid (near the feet) so that it could be hung up.
2. The Mishnah describes at length the process of skinning and cutting up the Tamid.
3. They would take all of the limbs to the ramp of the Mizbe'ach.
4. In preparation for the Shechitah of the Tamid, they would tie a foreleg and hind leg together, and separately tie the other foreleg and hind leg together.
5. The Tamid offered in the morning and the Tamid offered in the afternoon were slaughtered in different areas.


1. They did not break its bones, but rather made a hole in both feet so that they could skin the animal and cut it up. This procedure was especially useful after cutting off a leg, as it would still be hanging by one leg.
2. After all of the skinning, cutting, and washing, the Kohanim formed a line; at the head of the line was the Kohen who was holding the head and a leg.
3. They would salt the limbs on the lower half of the ramp, and leave them there until after the offering of the incense. Then they would bring the limbs onto the Mizbe'ach.
4. Some say that the legs were bound in this manner because it is degrading to tie all of the legs of an animal of Kodshim together. Others say that it was done in this manner, and not by tying all of the legs together, because it was the way of the idolaters to slaughter their sacrifices with all of the legs bound together.
5. This is derived from the verse, "Two per day," indicating they should be slaughtered opposite the "day," meaning where the sun is shining at the time that they are slaughtered. Accordingly, the morning Tamid was slaughtered in the second slaughtering-ring near the northwest corner, and the afternoon Tamid was slaughtered in the second slaughtering-ring near the northeast corner.

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