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1. The Gemara discusses whether the belts (Avnet) of the Kohen Gadol and the Kohen Hedyot were the same.
2. Sleeping on a Sha'atnez item is forbidden.
3. A man should not talk while he is going to the bathroom.
4. A person should not drink from a cup and then give it to his student.
5. One should not spit in front of his Rebbi.


1. According to one opinion, they were the same; both contained Sha'atnez. According to the other opinion, the Avnet of the Kohen Gadol contained Sha'atnez, but the Avnet of the Kohen Hedyot did not.

2. Rebbi Shimon: One may not sleep on a Sha'atnez item even if he sleeps on the top of ten mattresses stacked over it.
3. If there is no lock on the door, and it is apparent to the person inside that someone outside is unsure about whether the bathroom is occupied, the person inside should cough, rather than speak, to indicate that the bathroom is occupied.
4. This is because his student may not want to drink from a cup from which someone else drank. The Gemara relates an incident in which a person did so, and his student died of thirst.
5. Spitting in front of one's Rebbi is extremely disrespectful, to the point that the Gemara in Eruvin (99a) states that one who does so is fit to be killed. The exception to this rule is if he ate raw gourd and has the saliva in his mouth, in which case he should spit it out and not delay. Swallowing such saliva is as deadly as swallowing a hot piece of lead.

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