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1. There is a dispute about when one transgresses Me'ilah when he uses a Hekdesh animal for his Korban.
2. Me'ilah is compared to three things: Sotah, Avodah Zarah, and Terumah.
3. Although gold jewelry is able to lose value over time, one who benefits from jewelry of Hekdesh transgresses Me'ilah occurs even if the jewelry loses no value as a result.
4. There is a dispute about whether a person can be liable for Me'ilah multiple times with the same Korban-related item.

5. Rebbi understands that wood brought as fuel for the fire of the Mizbe'ach is considered a Korban as well.


1. Rebbi Shimon: He transgresses Me'ilah when he brings the animal to the Azarah. Rebbi Yehudah: He transgresses Me'ilah only after the sprinkling of the blood.
2. We derive from Sotah that deriving benefit without decreasing the value of the forbidden object (as the woman already was a Be'ulah; see Rashi) causes one to be liable. From Terumah, we learn that just as one is not liable for damaging Terumah (i.e. burning it), one does not transgress Me'ilah by destroying Hekdesh without deriving a normal form of benefit.
3. Me'ilah requires benefit (as opposed to a loss of value) only when the object does not usually depreciate in value quickly. The Mishnah does not mean that gold jewelry cannot depreciate in value through improper usage.
4. Tana Kama: One can be liable for Me'ilah multiple times only when an animal, as the Torah mentions Me'ilah in the context of the Korban itself. Rebbi Nechemyah: Multiple liability for Me'ilah applies to Klei Shares as well.
5. Rava notes that according to Rebbi, one should have to offer wood to accompany his donation of wood, as every Korban requires an accompanying donation of wood.

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