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1. The master's unarticulated thoughts have no bearing on whether he or his Shali'ach transgresses Me'ilah.
2. If a person sends Hekdesh money with a Shali'ach to purchase an item from a store, it is possible that the storekeeper will transgress Me'ilah.
3. The Mishnah describes what one should do in the case above (#2).
4. The Mishnah discusses the case of a Shali'ach who was instructed to buy an Esrog with two Perutos. Instead, he bought an Esrog for one and a pomegranate for one.

5. The Mishnah discusses the case of a person who says, "A Perutah in my pocket is Hekdesh."


1. For example, if the Shali'ach was told to bring a certain item from a window and he did so, the master transgresses Me'ilah even though he intended that the Shali'ach should bring a non-Hekdesh item located in a different place. However, if the Shali'ach brings the same type of item requested but from a different location, the Shali'ach transgresses Me'ilah.

2. If he remembers that the money is Hekdesh before the Shali'ach makes the purchase, neither the sender nor the Shali'ach transgresses Me'ilah. The sender does not transgress Me'ilah because liability for Me'ilah is only for accidental use of Hekdesh, and the sender realized that the object was Hekdesh before it was used. The Shali'ach does not transgress because he obeyed the sender's instructions.
3. Upon realizing that he sent Hekdesh money with the Shali'ach, he should transfer the sanctity of the money onto a regular coin in order to avoid transgressing Me'ilah.
4. Tana Kama: Both the sender and the Shali'ach transgress Me'ilah, since one Perutah was spent on an Esrog according to the sender's wish, and one was spent on a pomegranate because the Shali'ach changed his mission. Rebbi Yehudah: Only the Shali'ach transgresses Me'ilah, since the sender can say that he never wanted the type of Esrog that is purchased for only one Perutah.
5. Tana Kama: If he uses even one Perutah from this pocket, he transgresses Me'ilah. Rebbi Akiva: He transgresses Me'ilah only if he uses all the Perutos in that pocket.

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