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ME'ILAH 13 (ROSH HASHANAH) - Dedicated l'Zechut Refu'ah Shleimah for Elisheva Chaya bat Leah. Dedicated by Michael Steinberg, David Steinberg, and Ethan Steinberg.


1. Tana Kama: Me'ilah applies only to the actual object that was consecrated to Hekdesh, but not to what fills it (such as a consecrated pit that became filled with water) or what grows on it (such as a consecrated field on which crops grew) after it is consecrated.
2. Rebbi Yosi: Me'ilah applies to fruit or crops that grow after the trees or field was consecrated.
3. An animal consecrated as a Korban is no longer allowed to nurse its offspring.
4. Laborers or animals that work fields of Hekdesh may not eat the produce of the fields.

5. One may not benefit from the water of a stream as it passes through a field of Hekdesh, but if he does benefit from it, he is not liable for Me'ilah.


1. Accordingly, Me'ilah applies to a well, a garbage area, bird coop, tree, and field consecrated to Hekdesh. It does not apply to the water that enters the well, garbage that enters the garbage area, birds that enter the coop, or fruit or crops that grow on the field after they are consecrated.
2. Rebbi Yosi argues only with regard to fruit or crops, because these are objects that grow out of the actual tree and field, in contrast to water that rains down into the well, garbage that is thrown into the garbage area, and birds that fly into the coop.
3. However, it is possible to circumvent this prohibition by making an explicit condition before consecrating the Korban that the milk of the animal should remain unconsecrated.
4. Although there is a Torah law that entitles laborers to eat the produce of the fields in which they are working, and a Torah law that prohibits muzzling animals working in the fields, the verses indicate that these laws do not apply in fields of Hekdesh.
5. However, before the water reaches the field of Hekdesh, and after it exits the field, one may benefit from the water.

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