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ME'ILAH 11 - Dedicated l'Zechut Refu'ah Shleimah for Elisheva Chaya bat Leah. Dedicated by Michael Steinberg, David Steinberg, and Ethan Steinberg.


1. If a Nazir set aside money for his Korbenos Nazir without specifying which Korban the money is for, it is forbidden to benefit from the money, but Me'ilah does not apply to it.
2. The Mishnah discusses what is done with money that a Nazir set aside for his Korbenos but died before he was able to buy them.
3. Rebbi Shimon: The law of Me'ilah applies to blood in the opposite way from how it applies to Nesachim.
4. The Gemara cites many opinions about how we derive that no Torah law of Me'ilah applies to the blood of a Korban.

5. The Mishnah states that while one may not benefit from the ashes on the inner Mizbe'ach and Menorah, Me'ilah does not apply to them.


1. One of the Korbanos that a Nazir offers is a Shelamim, which is Kodshim Kalim. Since Me'ilah does not apply to Kodshim Kalim before the sprinkling of the blood, Me'ilah does not apply to this money.
2. Money that he set aside specifically for his Chatas should be thrown into the Dead Sea, as it is akin to a Chatas whose owner died. Money set aside for his Olah should be used to offer an Olah. Money set aside for his Shelamim should be used to bring a Shelamim that is eaten for only one day (as is the law of a Shalmei Nazir).
3. Me'ilah does not apply to the blood of a Korban until it flows out to Nachal Kidron (from the Beis ha'Mikdash), at which point Me'ilah applies to it mid'Rabanan. In contrast, Me'ilah applies to Nesachim once they are consecrated, but not once they flow down into the Shitin.
4. For example, Ula states that it is derived from the verse, "And I gave you...," which teaches that the blood of a Korban is considered owned by us, and not by Hekdesh. D'Vei Rebbi Yishmael derives it from the verse, "to atone," which implies that blood only atones and is not subject to Me'ilah.
5. One also may not benefit from turtledoves that are too young or pigeons that are too old to be offered as Korbanos, but Me'ilah does not apply to them.

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