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ME'ILAH 8 (25 Elul) – Dedicated in memory of Yechiel Avraham Avigdor ben Eliyahu Glaser z'l, by his brother Yisrael and family. May Avigdor's children merit to grow in Torah and Yiras Shamayim, and become sources of pride and Nachas to their father in Gan Eden.


1. Rebbi Chanina: Rebbi Akiva (Mishnah 6b) states only that the sprinkling of the blood changes the status of the meat with regard to Me'ilah.

2. One transgresses Me'ilah if he benefits from a bird after he dedicated it as a Chatas ha'Of.
3. The Mishnah explains the laws that take effect on the Chatas ha'Of after Melikah and the sprinkling of its blood.
4. There is a dispute about what happens when a Tevul Yom touches Kodesh.
5. While the Mishnah seems to follow the view of the Rabanan (see #4), Rava explains that it can follow the other opinions as well.


1. However, Rebbi Akiva is not saying that one is allowed to eat the meat of the Korban, since it indeed left the confines of the Azarah.

2. Even if he merely sells it after he dedicated it as a Chatas ha'Of, and he did not benefit from it in any other way, he has transgressed Me'ilah.
3. After Melikah, it becomes unfit to be eaten if touched by a Tevul Yom or Mechusar Kipurim. After the sprinkling of its blood, it can become prohibited because of Pigul, Nosar, and Tum'ah, but it no longer is subject to Me'ilah.
4. Aba Shaul: The Tevul Yom is considered a Rishon and causes Kodesh to be a Sheni l'Tum'ah, which can make other Kodesh items Tamei (as a Shelishi, which can be Metamei other Kodesh items to make them Pasul as a Revi'i). Rebbi Meir: The Tevul Yom causes Kodesh to be a Shelishi, which can cause other Kodesh to become Pasul (as a Revi'i), and he causes Terumah to become Pasul (as a Shelishi). Chachamim: The Tevul Yom causes Terumah and Kodesh only to become Pasul, and they cannot subsequently cause other items to become Pasul.
5. The Mishnah says merely that once Melikah is done, the Korban can become "Pasul" (not "Tamei") from a Tevul Yom. However, Rava says that Aba Shaul and Rebbi Meir mean only that the Rabanan instituted more stringent laws for Tevul Yom, as opposed to the Mishnah which is discussing the Torah law regarding a Tevul Yom.

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