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ME'ILAH 7 - Dedicated l'Zechut Refu'ah Shleimah for Elisheva Chaya bat Leah. Dedicated by Michael Steinberg, David Steinberg, and Ethan Steinberg.


1. Rav Asi: Thoughts of Pigul work even if they are about parts of the Korban that have already been burned.
2. Rava concludes that Rav Asi cannot mean parts of the Korban that were literally burned already.
3. Rav Papa: Rebbi Akiva (in the Mishnah) is discussing only meat that was taken out of the Azarah, not blood.
4. The Mishnah explains that the sprinkling of blood makes both leniencies and stringencies take effect for Kodshei Kodashim.

5. In contrast, for Kodshim Kalim the sprinkling of blood adds only stringency.


1. Rav Asi apparently maintains that a Korban would become Pigul if -- during the sprinkling of the blood -- the Kohen thought that he was going to burn limbs from this Korban, which actually had already been burned improperly after slaughtering, after the proper time.
2. Rather, Rava explains, Rav Asi refers to parts of the Korban that were going to be burned imminently.
3. If the blood was taken out of the Azarah before it was sprinkled on the Mizbe'ach, there is no change in the status of Me'ilah for the Korban even after the blood eventually is sprinkled.
4. The leniency is with regard to Me'ilah: before the sprinkling of the blood, Me'ilah applies to both the limbs and the meat of the Korban. After the sprinkling of the blood, it applies only to the limbs that will be burned on the Mizbe'ach. The stringency refers to the possibility of transgressing Pigul, Nosar, etc. with both the limbs and the meat.
5. Before the sprinkling of the blood, Me'ilah does not apply to Kodshim Kalim. Afterwards, it applies to the limbs, and the prohibitions of Pigul, Nosar, etc. apply to the meat and the limbs.

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