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1. The Gemara refers to a case of a person who cut one Siman of an animal intending Chutz l'Zemano, and cut the second Siman intending Chutz l'Mekomo.

2. Rebbi Yehudah admits that it is possible to have the Chutz l'Zemano thought first, and the sacrifice will not be Pigul.
3. The Gemara explains Rav Gidal's understanding of the Mishnah, "Whether he slaughtered the Todah Chutz l'Zemanah or Chutz l'Mekomah, the bread became holy."
4. The Gemara rejects a proof of Rav Gidal from the statement, "If the blood was kept overnight, even though he sprinkles it, there is still Me'ilah."
5. Bar Kapara asked for is the definition of the Mishnah's phrase "the time a sacrifice is permitted?"


1. The Mishnah in Zevachim says that Rebbi Yehudah maintains that this is Pigul (punished by Kares), as the Chutz l'Zemano thought was first. The Chachamim say that because both thoughts occurred during slaughtering, it is not Pigul. Therefore, one is not punished by Kares.

2. In a case where he thought of Chutz l'Zemano while cutting the first half of a Siman and Chutz l'Mekomo while cutting the second half, Rebbi Yehudah admits that this is considered several thoughts in one action. Therefore the sacrifice is not deemed Pigul.
3. The slaughtering Chutz l'Zemano means that the bread must be burned (what is meant by "holy"), but not that it is included in the prohibition of Me'ilah.
4. Rav Gidal stated that Pigul sprinkling does not take away from a status of Me'ilah. However, it is possible that blood kept overnight is different, as the person actively set aside the blood. We therefore say that in his case the Rabanan decreed that the sprinkling does not prevent Me'ilah, even though it is possible a sprinkling with a bad intention (merely an intent, not an action) would prevent Me'ilah.
5. It is the time when there is no more Me'ilah for Kodshei Kodashim.

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