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1. The Mishnah lists many cases in which Korbanos of Kodshei Kodashim are invalid but Me'ilah still applies.

2. Rebbi Yehoshua: If an object of Kodshei Kodashim became permitted at one point to the Kohanim, Me'ilah no longer applies to it.
3. Ula: If a Korban of Kodshei Kodashim dies, the Torah prohibition against Me'ilah no longer applies to it.
4. There is a dispute about whether limbs from the animals in the cases mentioned in the beginning of the Mishnah should be removed from the Mizbe'ach if they were placed there mistakenly.
5. There is a practical difference between transgressing Me'ilah according to Torah law and transgressing it according to Rabbinic law.


1. These include: a Korban that was slaughtered, or its blood received, in the southern part of the Azarah; a Korban that was slaughtered, or its blood sprinkled, during the night; a Korban that was slaughtered with intent to eat it after the prescribed time or in the wrong area. In any of these cases. one who misuses the Korban transgresses Me'ilah even though the Korban is not valid.

2. For example, Me'ilah does not apply to the meat of a Korban that became Tamei or was taken out of the Azarah.
3. However, the Mishnah teaches that if the animal is slaughtered in the southern part of the Azarah, the animal is considered to have died a normal death. Therefore, Me'ilah still applies.
4. Rabah: They should be removed. Rav Yosef: They should not be removed once they were placed on the Mizbe'ach.
5. When one transgresses Me'ilah according to Torah law, he must pay the amount he benefited plus one fifth to Hekdesh. When he transgresses according to Rabbinic law, he does not add a fifth.

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