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1. Rav Chisda: The intent of the owner, or the action of the Kohen, determines which bird is an Olah and which is a Chatas.

2. Neither of these methods (in #1) are valid (at least l'Chatchilah) for determining which goat will be the Sa'ir la'Azazel.
3. Although the Torah mentions certain animals or birds before others, it does not mean that one must bring the one mentioned first as his Korban.
4. Children must honor their father and mother equally.
5. The Beraisa states that the Azarah spoke on four occasions.


1. Rav Chisda derives this from the verse, "And she will take two turtledoves... and the Kohen will make...," implying that the status of each of the two bird-offerings brought by a woman who gave birth is determined either by the owner's intent at the time of purchase or by the actions of the Kohen (if the owner had no intent at the time of purchase).

2. The verse, "And he will make it a Chatas [through the lottery]," implies that the lottery is the only way to determine which is the Sa'ir la'Azazel. Rebbi Shimon understands that if one of the two goats offered on Yom Kippur dies, another goat may be brought without another lottery being performed.
3. The Torah usually mentions sheep before goats, and turtledoves before pigeons. Even so, if one pledges to offer an Olah, or any other Korban for which either type of animal or bird may be offered, and he has both types, he may bring either one to fulfill his vow. The Torah does mention the reverse order (goats before sheep) on one occasion.
4. However, the needs of a father take precedence over those of a mother when both require assistance from their child. This is because both the mother and the child are obligated to honor the father.
5. Two of these pronouncements were: "Take out the sons of Eli -- Chofni and Pinchas -- who defiled the Heichal," and, "Open, gates, to allow Yochanan ben Nadva, student of Pinkai, to fill his stomach with the Kodshim of Heaven."

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