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KERISUS 24 (14 Elul) – This Daf has been dedicated in honor of the Yahrzeit of Yisrael (son of Chazkel and Miryam) Rosenbaum, who passed away on 14 Elul, by his son and daughter and their families.


1. The Gemara discusses a case in which a person brought an Asham Taluy because witnesses said that he was obligated to do so, and then the witnesses were found to be Edim Zomemim.

2. Rava argues that the Chachamim do not agree that the animal is considered Chulin in the case above (#1).
3. If the witnesses who testify that the Sotah was secluded are found to be Edim Zomemim before her Korban Minchah is offered, it is Chulin.
4. Rebbi Yochanan: If the witnesses who testified that an ox should be killed were found to be Edim Zomemim, anyone may take possession of the ox as it is deemed ownerless.
5. The Gemara discusses when a bystander can acquire a present given by someone to a person who refuses to accept it.


1. In an ordinary case in which a person dedicated an Asham Taluy and discovered, before slaughtering it, that he was not obligated to bring an Asham Taluy, the Chachamim said that he must still redeem it. In this case, however, Rav says that the Chachamim maintain that the animal is considered Chulin, because the person did not dedicate the Korban with a full heart. He agreed to bring it only because of the testimony of the witnesses. Accordingly, when the witnesses are proven to be Zomemim, the animal is considered Chulin.

2. The Mishnah explains that an ox is unlike the case of Asham Taluy, because it is Chulin. Rava understands that the Mishnah must be referring to a case in which Edim Zomemim testified that an ox gored and should be stoned to death, and the Mishnah is implying that only in that case does the animal become Chulin, but not in a case of Edim Zomemim who testified that one is obligated to bring an Asham Taluy.
3. Rebbi Elazar: This case proves that in the earlier cases of the Mishnah (above #1 and #2), the Chachamim agree that the Asham Taluy becomes Chulin. Rebbi Yochanan: This case is not relevant to the earlier cases, because the Minchas Sotah is to check if she was unfaithful, while an Asham Taluy is for atonement. Therefore, the person wholeheartedly donates the Asham, even when his obligation is based on the testimony of witnesses.
4. Reish Lakish cites a similar law in the case of possessions of people found to be idol worshippers in an Ir ha'Nidachas, whose witnesses were found to be Edim Zomemim. However, the Gemara explains that there is an exception in the case involving the ox.
5. If the recipient states the terms which indicate that he is not acquiring the item, a third party can acquire it. If he speaks ambiguously or says that in the future it will not be a valid present, his words do not invalidate the gift.

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