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1. The Mishnah discusses the case of a woman who had five "doubtful" births (see 7b, #4) and five "doubtful" times when she might have been a Zavah.
2. The Mishnah also discusses the case of a woman who had five certain births and five certain times when she was a Zavah.
3. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel issued a ruling that reduced the unfair high price being charged for birds used for Korbanos.
4. The Mishnah lists four people who need to offer certain Korbanos in order to permit them to eat the meat of Korbanos in general.
5. The Mishnah lists Zav and Zavah separately, but it does not list Metzora and Metzora'as (a female leper) separately.


1. The Mishnah says that she brings only one Chatas ha'Of for all of these doubts, and she is allowed to eat the Korban after it is brought. She is not obligated to bring other Korbanos for the other times that she might have given birth.
2. While she is allowed to eat from other Korbanos after she offers her first Korban, she obviously is still obligated to bring additional Korbanos for each birth and for each time that she was a Zavah.
3. He ruled that in the case above (#2), a woman is obligated to bring only one Korban.
4. They are: A Zav, Zavah, a woman who has given birth, and a leper. Similarly, a convert must offer a Korban before he may eat the meat of Korbanos, and a Nazir must bring Korbanos before he becomes permitted to drink wine, cut his hair, and become Tamei for a Mes.
5. A Zav and Zavah contract their impurity in different ways. A Metzora and a Metzora'as contract their impurity in the same way. They merely have different laws as to how to conduct themselves while Tamei.

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