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TEMURAH 23 (10 Av) - Dedicated by Mrs. Gitti Kornfeld in memory of her father, Reb Yisrael Shimon ben Shlomo ha'Levi Turkel, whose Yahrzeit is on 10 Av.


1. Rav Huna and Rebbi Aba argue about a lost Chatas that was offered after it was found, even though a replacement animal had been dedicated as a Chatas before it was found.
2. Rav Huna: In the Mishnah, Rebbi and the Rabanan argue about which animal to offer as a Korban.
3. According to Rav Huna, Rebbi is not concerned about having Kodshim put to death.
4. Rebbi Aba: The argument between Rebbi and the Rabanan revolves around the status of the animal that was never lost.
5. Rebbi Ami: One dedicates two different piles of money in order to ensure that he will have enough money to buy a Chatas. He uses one pile for the Chatas, and the second pile for Nedavos.


1. Rav Huna: Everyone (Rebbi and Rabanan, see Daf 22, #2) agrees that whether the lost animal is offered or the replacement animal is offered, the second one is put to death. Rebbi Aba: While this is true when the replacement animal that was not lost is offered, the case in which Rebbi and the Rabanan argue is when the lost animal was offered.
2. Rebbi: We advise him to offer the animal that was never lost (as it is fatter; see Tosfos), and the one that was lost (and found) should be put to death. Rabanan: We advise him to offer the lost animal, and then he can redeem the animal that was never lost.
3. Therefore, Rebbi does not give the advice that the Rabanan give to offer the lost animal.
4. Rebbi understands that since it is replacing a lost animal, it will have the status of the lost animal if the lost animal is found. The Rabanan understand that the law that a lost Chatas is killed pertains only to an animal that was actually lost, not to an animal that never became lost but was sanctified as a replacement for the lost animal, even if the lost animal ended up being found and offered.
5. Rebbi and the Rabanan agree in this case. Rebbi argues only in when the first Chatas was lost (in which case he says that the second Chatas is put to death). When two piles of money (and even animals; see Tosfos) are dedicated merely to ensure that there will be one to be offered, the animal bought with the second pile is not put to death.

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