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1. The Gemara discusses the case of partners who separate Terumah from the same produce one after the other.
2. An act of Temurah done through a Korban ha'Of (bird offering) or a Korban Minchah (flour offering) does not take effect.

3. The Tana Kama and Rebbi Shimon derive from different sources the law that a Hekdesh animal that is not designated to be a Korban cannot be used for Temurah.
4. Rebbi, who argues with Rebbi Shimon, derives from the fact that Temurah is discussed again with Ma'aser Behemah (see #3) that there is a difference between Temuras Shemo and Temuras Gufo.

5. Rebbi lists the differences between Temuras Shemo and Temuras Gufo (see #4).


1. Rebbi Eliezer: Both sets of produce are considered Terumah. Rebbi Akiva: Both sets of produce are not considered Terumah. (Rashi: Neither are Terumah. Tosfos: Only the first is Terumah.) Chachamim: If the first partner separated the proper amount of Terumah, then the Terumah of the second partner is invalid. If the first partner did not separate the proper amount, then the Terumah of the second partner is valid.
2. This is because the verse of Temurah discusses only an animal.

3. The Tana Kama excludes it from Temurah because it is not called a "Korban." Rebbi Shimon maintains that it is called a Korban, and thus he derives from the fact that Temurah is discussed by the verse regarding Ma'aser Behemah (Vayikra 27:33) that only something comparable to Ma'aser Behemah can cause Temurah.
4. "Temuras Shemo" (switching the name) occurs when a person mistakenly calls the tenth animal of Ma'aser Behemah "the ninth," or he calls the eleventh "the tenth," resulting in an extra animal having the sanctity of Ma'aser Behemah. "Temuras Gufo" is the classic case of Temurah, when a person says that this ordinary animal should be in place of this Korban.
5. For example, Temuras Shemo is offered as a Korban, while Temuras Gufo is not. Temuras Shemo can be redeemed if it receives a blemish, while Temuras Gufo cannot.

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