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1. The Gemara discusses why each opinion in the Mishnah for what happens to a Sedeh Achuzah that is not redeemed by Yovel (see Daf 25, #5) rejects the other opinions.
2. The Gemara discusses the case of a field that went to a Kohen at the arrival of Yovel, and the Kohen sold it to someone who dedicated it to Hekdesh.
3. Rava explains why Rebbi Eliezer understands that Kohanim do not receive a Sedeh Achuzah that was not redeemed by Yovel.
4. The Mishnah discusses the case of a son who buys a field from his father and then dedicates it to Hekdesh before his father dies.
5. A Sedeh Mikneh that was dedicated to Hekdesh does not go to the Kohanim at the arrival of Yovel.


1. For example, Rebbi Yehudah, who compares the redemption of a Sedeh Achuzah to the redemption of a house, does not compare it to the Kivsei Atzeres because the redemption of a field is more similar to the redemption of a field than to the Kivsei Atzeres.
2. If someone redeemed it after the buyer from the Kohen dedicated it to Hekdesh, it reverts to the Kohen when Yovel arrives. This is based on the verse, "To the one from whom he bought it," meaning the person from whom the buyer (who dedicated it to Hekdesh) bought, namely the Kohen (and not the original person who was Makdish the field before the previous Yovel).
3. The verse states, "And the field will be when it goes out in Yovel…." This implies that it had to have exited the domain of a different person in order for it to become the property of the Kohanim at the arrival of Yovel.
4. Rebbi Meir: After his father dies, it is treated like a Sedeh Mikneh. Rebbi Yehudah and Rebbi Shimon: It is treated like a Sedeh Achuzah.
5. The person who bought the field from its owner owned it only until Yovel. Since he had no authority over the field when Yovel arrived, his act of dedicating it to Hekdesh cannot cause it to revert to anyone other than the original owner when Yovel arrives.

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