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1. The Mishnah states that all of the blemishes mentioned with regard to animals that are applicable in people as well cause a Kohen to be unfit for service.
2. The Mishnah adds blemishes that apply to people but not to animals.
3. The Gemara discusses three categories of blemishes that apply to Kohanim.
4. There is a discussion about what kind of baldness is considered a blemish.
5. There is a dispute about what the Torah means by the blemish of "Giben."


1. The Gemara explains that this is derived from a Gezeirah Shavah: "Gerev-Gerev, Yalefes-Yalefes."
2. These blemishes include people with heads that are pointy or extra wide at the top.
3. They are: A physical blemish, one whose appearance is unlike that of a normal person, and something that appears to be a blemish due to its disgusting appearance, even though it is not an actual blemish (i.e. Mar'is ha'Ayin).
4. First version of Rava: One who has hair at the front of his head and none behind that hair. Second version of Rava: If he has hair only in front, or both in front and in back but not in the middle of his head, or no hair at all, it is a blemish.
5. Tana Kama: No eyebrows, or only one eyebrow. Rebbi Dosa: His eyebrows are so long that they droop onto his face. Rebbi Chanina ben Antignos: A hunchback.

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