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1. One may not insert a spout surrounded by rags (in order to make the spout fit securely) into a barrel on Yom Tov, since doing so will clearly cause liquid to be squeezed from the rags.
2. Rebbi Yehudah and Rav: An action that probably will not, but may, cause a Melachah to be performed on Shabbos, but one has no intention to do that Melachah, is prohibited. Rebbi Shimon and Shmuel: It is permitted.
3. If one plucks a feather out of a chicken on Shabbos, it is considered shearing according to Torah law.
4. Rebbi Yehudah: If the hair of a firstborn animal with a blemish fell off and was placed on a window sill by the owner, there is a disagreement about whether one may benefit from the hair after the animal is slaughtered.
5. Rebbi Yosi: Everyone agrees that in the case above (#4), one may benefit from the hair. They disagree only when the animal died naturally instead of being slaughtered.
6. If a grave was known to be in a certain field, but its exact location was unknown, there is a disagreement about the status of the field if a grave is found.


1. Although the person does not intend to squeeze out liquid with his action, one is forbidden to perform an action that will definitely result in a Melachah even when this is not his intent.
2. This type of act is called a "Davar she'Eino Miskaven." The primary example of such an act is one who drags a chair over a dirt floor and has no intention to make a ditch. As long as his act probably will not result in a ditch in the ground, it is called a "Davar she'Eino Miskaven."
3. If one would pull wool off of a sheep, it would not be considered shearing, since it is abnormal to pull out wool by hand without using an instrument to cut it.
4. Akavya: It is permitted. Chachamim: It is prohibited.
5. Akavya: It is permitted. Chachamim: It is prohibited.
6. Rebbi: The field is now considered pure, except for the area of the grave. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: The entire field must be searched before it is proclaimed pure, since it is possible that another person was buried in the field in the interim.

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