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1. When an eleventh animal is called "the tenth," it becomes a Shelamim, unlike when the ninth is called "the tenth," in which case it is eaten after it receives a blemish.
2. There is a discussion about a Shali'ach who was sent to take Ma'aser Behemah and who mistakenly called the ninth animal "the tenth" or the eleventh animal "the tenth."
3. The general rule is that a Shali'ach who performs his mission in a way that is detrimental to the sender is retroactively not considered a Shali'ach for the sender.


1. The Mishnah (60a) discusses whether it is an ordinary Shelamim (Rebbi Meir) or whether it is considered a Temuras Ma'aser (Rebbi Yehudah).
2. Rav Papi in the name of Rava: The ninth is holy and may be eaten only after it receives a blemish, while the eleventh is not holy at all. Rav Papa: Even the ninth is not holy.
3. This is the Halachah in the case of a Shali'ach who makes a mistake. In contrast, when the Shali'ach assessed the situation and had a right to assume that he should perform a certain action, his Shelichus is not revoked retroactively. Accordingly, if a Shali'ach believes that his sender prefers to be generous in his act of separating Terumah, the Shali'ach's generous separation of Terumah is valid even though his master did not instruct him to separate generously.

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