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BECHOROS 60 - Dedicated by Eddie and Esther Turkel in honor of the birth of Dovid Boaz Kornfeld.


1. If a person calls the ninth or eleventh animal "the tenth," or even if he calls the tenth "the ninth," they are all holy.
2. However, this principle does not apply if one mistakenly called the eighth or twelfth animal "the tenth."
3. Rebbi Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon: The eleventh becomes holy only if the ninth is not holy.
4. Rava discusses a case in which two animals pushed through the door at the end of the count at the same time (both passed through the width of the door at the same time).
5. The Beraisa discusses a case in which a person called the tenth animal "the eleventh," and called the eleventh animal "the tenth."


1. This is derived from the verse, "And all Ma'aser," which implies that even if it is Ma'aser and it was not called Ma'aser, or if it is not Ma'aser and it was called Ma'aser, it becomes holy.
2. The Beraisa derives that only an animal immediately next to the tenth can become holy through an accidental count as the tenth. This excludes the eighth and twelfth animals.
3. Accordingly, this applies in a case where the person forgot to count the ninth, counted the tenth as "the ninth," and the eleventh as "the tenth."
4. If he called both animals either "the ninth," "the tenth," or "the eleventh," both animals become holy (that is, they are not eaten until they receive a blemish).
5. Rebbi: The eleventh animal is not holy. Rebbi Yosi: The eleventh animal is holy.

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