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1. One may not separate Terumah from an item of one species in order to exempt an item of a different species, when the requirement to separate Terumah is d'Oraisa. The same law applies to Terumah mid'Rabanan.
2. The Gemara discusses the source for the Halachah that Ma'aser Behemah also must be taken from animals of one type.
3. If a person has sheep within sixteen Mil of each other, they must be gathered together to take Ma'aser Behemah from them.
4. As long as one owns other sheep that are within sixteen Mil of the next herd of his sheep, they combine to be obligated in Ma'aser Behemah.
5. Rav and Shmuel disagree about how many sheep must be in the middle group of sheep to combine the sheep (within sixteen Mil) on either side of them.


1. Whenever the Rabanan enacted a law similar to a law stated by the Torah, they applied the law in a manner similar to the way the Torah applies the law.
2. This law is either because of the verse, "the tenth," implying that each type of animal has its own tenth, or it is because of a comparison from Ma'aser of produce to Ma'aser of Behemah.
3. This requirement is derived from the verse, "The flocks will pass again under the hands of he who counts them." This verse implies that only sheep within the shepherd's radius of vision (defined as a distance of sixteen Mil) pass together under the rod for Ma'aser Behemah.
4. When the Mishnah says that if there are 32 Mil between the two herds they do not combine, it means that there are no sheep between the two herds.
5. Rav: There must be five sheep in the middle, so that they are within sixteen Mil of the five sheep on either side of them. Shmuel: Even if only one sheep is in the middle, it causes the five sheep on each side within sixteen Mil to combine into one group that must have Ma'aser Behemah taken from it. (See below, Daf 55, #1.)

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