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BECHOROS 46 (28 Iyar) - Dedicated in honor of the birthday of Neti Linzer.


1. Under what circumstances is a firstborn son both eligible to receive a double portion of inheritance and required to be redeemed from the Kohen?
2. Twins were born. The head of one child emerged first, but he did not survive the birth (Nefel). The second son was then born. The second son receives a double portion but does not need to be redeemed from the Kohen.
3. If a man marries a woman who had previously given birth when she was a Nochri, or a Kena'anis maidservant, and she now has a son from him, the son's status is subject to dispute.
4. Shmuel states that if the head of a Nefel emerges from the woman, it is not considered the "first to exit the womb." The Gemara has strong questions on this ruling.
5. Rebbi Shimon ben Lakish: If the forehead emerges, the baby is considered a firstborn, but not for the purpose of inheriting a double portion. Rebbi Yochanan: He is a firstborn even for the purpose of inheriting a double portion.


1. While a firstborn must be redeemed if he is the "Peter Rechem" (the first to exit the womb), he receives a double portion of inheritance only if his father was concerned about him when he was born (see below).
2. Since the father does not worry about the Nefel (since the Nefel is not going to live), the Nefel does not prevent the son born afterwards from having the status of the firstborn and receiving a double portion.
3. Tana Kama: He does receive a double portion. The first born refers to the first child of the husband and not of the mother; he is not redeemed as others have exited her womb. Rebbi Yosi ha'Glili: He also must be redeemed, as the verse states, “All who (first) exit the womb in Yisrael,” implying that the first Jewish child to exit the womb must be redeemed.
4. The Gemara concludes that Shmuel's statement is contradicted by the Mishnah.
5. Rebbi Shimon ben Lakish: The Torah says "Yakir" with regard to inheriting a double portion. This teaches that enough of the baby must emerge such that one can recognize it later. This refers to the entire face.

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