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1. Mishnah: All of the blemishes that have been mentioned in this chapter until now enable a firstborn to be slaughtered, and cause an animal dedicated as a Korban to be redeemed.
2. The Mishnah proceeds to list many ailments and conditions that are not considered blemishes.
3. There is a dispute about the status of an Androginus.
4. Rava: It is unclear whether Rebbi Yishmael (see #3 above) maintains that an Androginus is certainly a firstborn but one with a blemish, or that even if it is a firstborn (i.e. and this is doubtful), it has a blemish.
5. Rav Chisda: This argument (#3) applies only to an Androginus, not to a Tumtum.


1. This teaches that all of the opinions in the Mishnayos until now, even those stated by individuals, are included in the Halachos of blemishes.
2. Included in the list are animals that are old, sick, smelly, have had relations with people, or have killed a person, according to the testimony of one witness or the owner.
3. Rebbi Yishmael: It is considered a [firstborn with a] blemish. Chachamim: It is not considered to have the status of a firstborn at all, and therefore one may shear its wool and use it for work.
4. The practical difference is whether one receives lashes for shearing its wool (since one is not allowed to shear the wool of a firstborn, even if it has a blemish).
5. Everyone agrees that a Tumtum is a doubtful firstborn, and therefore is holy.

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