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BECHOROS 35 - Dedicated by Josh Danziger of Cliffside Park, New Jersey.


1. If a person was Metamei the Taharos of his friend and then died, his son does not have to pay for the damages.
2. If a child or Nochri happens to blemish a firstborn animal, it may be slaughtered.
3. If a person interacted with a firstborn animal in a way that caused a blemish, but he did not intend to cause the blemish, the animal may be slaughtered due to this blemish.
4. Who may testify that a firstborn animal received a blemish naturally while it was in the house of a Kohen?
5. If a Yisrael owns a doubtful firstborn animal, even he may testify that it received a blemish naturally.


1. This is the law even if the father only had to pay due to a fine. Damage that is not physically perceivable is not considered damage for which one must compensate, according to the laws of damages. The Rabanan therefore did not fine the son of the deceased.
2. However, if the child or Nochri does so in order to make the Kohen happy that he can now slaughter and eat the firstborn animal, it may not be slaughtered.
3. Accordingly, the Mishnah says that if a firstborn animal was chasing a person and the person kicked the animal in order to defend himself, any blemish caused by that kick allows the firstborn animal to be slaughtered.
4. Rebbi Yehoshua ben Kefusa'i: Anyone not in his household, even Kohanim, may testify. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: Even the Kohen's son or daughter may testify. Rebbi Yosi: Even ten members of his household would not be believed (but one person from outside his household would be believed).
5. Only Kohanim are suspected of inflicting blemishes on the firstborn animals they received, but Yisraelim are not suspected regarding their doubtful firstborns.

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