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BECHOROS BECHOROS 30 - dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Reb Aharon Dovid ben Elimelech Shmuel Kornfeld (Muncasz/Israel/New York), who passed away on 3 Av 5761, by his daughter Diane Koenigsberg and her husband Dr. Andy Koenigsberg. May his love for Torah and for Eretz Yisrael continue in all of his descendants.


1. The Mishnah discusses a case in which one is believed about a prohibition, despite the fact that he is suspected of being lax in a different prohibition.
2. The Mishnah adds other laws about one who is suspected of transgressing a prohibition.
3. If a convert accepted to observe the Torah and later is suspected of transgressing its commandments, he is considered a Jewish sinner.
4. When a person seeks to attain a status of holiness, he must accept all of the mid'Oraisa and mid'Rabanan laws pertaining to this status. If he does not do so, he cannot be given this status.
5. A person who wants to become a Chaver must accept this status in front of three people who are Chaverim.
6. There is a discussion about whether the household of a Chaver must accept the status of a Chaver in front of three Chaverim.


1. If one is suspected of transgressing a small prohibition, he is not suspected of transgressing a more serious prohibition. If he is suspected of transgressing a serious prohibition (i.e. mid'Oraisa), he certainly is suspected of transgressing a lesser prohibition (i.e. mid'Rabanan).
2. A person who is suspected of transgressing a certain prohibition may not serve as a judge or a witness in a case involving that prohibition.
3. We do not say that his conversion was invalid, since at the time he converted he was sincere. Accordingly, if he is Mekadesh a woman, the Kidushin is valid.
4. The Beraisa gives examples of how this applies to a person who wants to be considered a Chaver, a non-Jew who wants to convert, and a Levi or Kohen who wants to have license to serve in the Beis ha'Mikdash.
5. Tana Kama: This applies to a Torah scholar, but an elder Rosh Yeshivah does not need to formally accept this status in front of three people. Aba Shaul: Even a Torah scholar does not require this acceptance in front of three people.
6. Tana Kama: They do not. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: They must accept the status of a Chaver in this manner as well.

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