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1. The firstborn offspring of non-Kosher animals other than a donkey do not have to be redeemed at all.
2. The value of a donkey born to a cow that that partially resembles a cow and partially resembles a donkey must be given to a Kohen.
3. The Gemara is uncertain about the law of a firstborn horse born to a donkey or cow that somewhat resembles a donkey or cow (respectively).
4. Rebbi Shimon disagrees with the Mishnah (5b). He says that a camel born from a cow is not Kosher.
5. Shimon ha'Amsoni originally derived a teaching from word "Es" in the Torah until he came to the verse, "Es Hashem Elokecha Tira."
6. It is forbidden to drink the milk of a non-Kosher animal.
7. A verse is needed to teach that one may drink the milk of a Kosher animal.
8. One possible source to permit the milk of a Kosher animal is the verse, "Eretz Zavas Chalav u'Devash."


1. The Tana of the Mishnah (5b) and Rebbi Yosi ha'Glili argue regarding the exact source of this law in the Pesukim.
2. The Mishnah discusses only the law of a cow that gives birth to an animal that completely resembles a donkey, when it says that it is exempt. The Gemara quotes a Beraisa as the source of this law.
3. The Gemara is unsure about whether the value of the firstborn animal is given to the Kohen or whether the animal is completely exempt from redemption.
4. He does not agree with the rule stated in the Mishnah that whatever is born to a Kosher animal is Kosher.
5. When he realized that this "Es" could not include anything else, he understood that his system of deriving from the word "Es" was incorrect. However, Rebbi Akiva later derived that this "Es" includes Torah scholars.
6. There is an argument in the Gemara about whether this is derived from the word "Gamal" or "Es [ha'Gamal]."
7. The Gemara understands that mother's milk of an animal either comes from its blood or could be considered Ever Min ha'Chai. Therefore, we cannot rely on the rule that "whatever comes out of a Kosher animal is permitted" to teach that milk is permitted (just as its blood is not permitted). The Gemara therefore quotes various verses that teach that the milk of a Kosher animal is permitted.
8. The Gemara explains that it is not possible that the Torah would praise Eretz Yisrael as having an abundance of something that we could not drink.

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