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1. The Gemara mentions that many prominent Amoraim who were Yisraelim ate Matnos Kehunah given to their wives.
2. Rav Ada: If the father of a woman is a Levi, her firstborn son does not have a Pidyon ha’Ben.
3. The Mishnah discusses a Bechor that was mixed up with ninety nine other animals that were all going to be slaughtered.
4. If all of these animals are owned by the same person, only one animal is exempt from Matnos Kehunah.
5. The Gemara discusses whether it is permitted to eat from an animal that did not have Matnos Kehunah taken from it.


1. Rav Kahana, Rav Papa, Rav Idi bar Avin, and Rav Yeimar all ate Matnos Kehunah (permitted to be eaten by a Yisrael, unlike Terumah) that was given to their wives, who were Kohanos.
2. Rav Ada understands that the verse implies only "a firstborn from Yisrael," is obligated in Pidyon ha’Ben, as opposed to a firstborn from a Kohenes or Leviyah.
3. If there are one hundred different owners and they are going to each slaughter an animal, none of them are obligated in giving Matnos Kehunah, as it is possible the animal they took is in fact a Bechor (and therefore exempt from Matnos Kehunah).
4. Accordingly, the Kohen receives ninety nine sets of Matnos Kehunah out of one hundred from this person after they are all slaughtered.
5. While Rabah bar bar Chanah in the name of Rebbi Yochanan says that it is forbidden, the Gemara concludes that it is permitted.

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