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12th Cycle dedication

CHULIN 115 (Hoshana Raba) - dedicated by Gedalliah Jawitz in honor of the Yahrzeit of Yehuda ben Simcha Volf Jawitz.


1. The Gemara questions the opinion that whatever the Torah referred to as disgusting is forbidden from benefit.
2. The Gemara (see #1) questions the fact that it is permitted to eat from a harvest that was produced with the help of two types of animals (Kil'ayim) working together.
3. The Gemara questions the fact that even though it is forbidden to slaughter a mother and its calf on the same day, one may benefit from it.
4. The Gemara notes that even though it is forbidden to take a mother bird before taking its eggs, it does not say that the mother is forbidden from benefit.
5. There is a discussion as to how we know that it is forbidden to cook, eat, or have benefit from [animal] meat and milk mixtures.


1. The Gemara points out that although the Torah forbids Shabbos desecration and thus any benefit that results from an act of Shabbos desecration should be forbidden, there is a special verse stating, "It is holy," implying that Shabbos is holy but the benefit that results from an act of Shabbos desecration is not "holy" (i.e., forbidden from benefit).
2. The Gemara answers that benefiting from the harvest is permited only because we see that the Torah did not prohibit benefitting from Shabbos desecration. If this is true regarding Shabbos, certainly it is true regarding the lesser prohibition of Kil'ayim!
3. The Gemara answers that since the Torah permitted benefit from an animal that is only a few days old even though it cannot be offered as a Korban until it is eight days old, we see that an animal that is forbidden to be slaughtered on a certain day (together with its mother) is not forbidden from benefit.
4. The Gemara answers that the Torah clearly would not forbid benefitting from the mother bird, as it instructs a person to send it away if he takes it (before taking the eggs). The unsuspecting person who finds her would accidentally transgress if she would be forbidden from benefit.
5. One opinion is that of Rebbi Yishmael, who explains that the reason why the Torah says, "Do not cook a kid in its mother's milk," is to prohibit all three of these actions (cooking, eating, and benefitting).

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