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1. The Misnnah discusses a drop of milk that fell on a piece of meat that was cooking in a pot.
2. The Mishnah continues to discuss what would happen if the pot was stirred immediately after the milk fell on the meat.
3. If a piece of meat fell into a large vat of hot milk, the piece of meat is forbidden but the milk is permitted.
4. There is an argument regarding the punishment for one who cooks half a Zayis of meat with a half Zayis of milk.
5. The Gemara discusses the concept of "Chatichah Nasis Neveilah" - "the piece becomes Neveilah (i.e. non-kosher)."


1. If enough milk was absorbed into the piece of meat to give it a milky flavor, the piece of meat is forbidden However, if it did not give the meat a milky flavor (i.e. there was more than sixty times the amount of meat than milk), it is still kosher.
2. If the drop of milk did not have time to add flavor to the piece it fell on before it was stirred into the contents of the entire pot, than as long as it did not give flavor to the entire pot, the entire contents of the pot are kosher.
3. This is because there is sixty times more milk than meat. Any identifiable piece of meat in the vat is forbidden, as it clearly absorbed a milky flavor.
4. Everyone agrees that a person receives lashes for eating the entire contents of this dish. The argument is whether or not one is liable to receive lashes for cooking it.
5. Rebbi Yehudah: If a drop of milk falls onto a piece of meat and cooks with it, giving it a milky taste, the entire pot of meat now becomes non-kosher, even if there are one thousand more pieces of kosher meat (see additional reasoning for Rebbi Yehudah in 109:1 below) .

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