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CHULIN 30 (19 Teves) - Dedicated in memory of Hagaon Rav Yisrael Avraham Abba ben Harav Chaim Binyamin Ze'ev Krieger ZT"L, author of Yad Yisrael (on Rambam) and many other Sefarim. Dedicated by his granddaughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Avi and Lily Berger, of Queens, New York.


1. According to the Chachamim, two people may slaughter one Korban. Rebbi Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon disagrees.
2. One slaughters a Korban Pesach during the Yom Tov of Pesach while the owner has Chametz in his possession. If he slaughters it l'Shem Pesach, he is Patur, but if he slaughters it she'Lo Lishmah, he is Chayav.
3. If the two Simanim of a Korban were cut during Shechitah and the animal is still convulsing, it is considered to be alive.
4. According to Rav, if an animal's neck is cut in two or three places during Shechitah, the Shechitah is valid. Shmuel disagrees.
5. If two people slaughter an animal together, even if one is above and one is below the Shechitah is valid.
6. If one slaughters the esophagus above and the trachea below, or vice versa, the Shechitah is valid.
7. If a Shochet inserts the knife between the two Simanim of an animal and cuts the lower Siman, and then withdrew and cut the upper Siman, the animal is a Neveilah, according to Rebbi Yeshevav, or a Tereifah, according to Rebbi Akiva.
8. If the knife was inserted under the hide and the Simanim were cut properly, the Shechitah is valid. However, Bei Rav is in doubt about whether it is valid.
9. If one slaughters an animal by pressing down on its neck with a knife, the Shechitah is Pasul.
10. One may slaughter a bird by shooting it out of the air with an arrow.


1. According to the Chachamim, one person may perform the first half of the Shechitah, and a second person may perform the second half.
2. A Korban Pesach that was not offered on Erev Pesach is offered as a Shelamim, unless it is being kept for Pesach Sheni. If he offers it as a Shelamim when he has Chametz in his possession, he transgresses a Lav. However, if he offers it as a Korban Pesach, since the Korban is Pasul he does not transgress a Lav if he has Chametz in his possession.
3. The Korban may be redeemed while it is still convulsing, since it is considered to be alive.
4. According to Shmuel, Shechitah must be one open cut. That is not accomplished when the cut is in more than one place.
5. There is no concern that they pressed down too hard on the knife, which would invalidate the Shechitah.
6. According to Shmuel, who maintains that Shechitah must be one open cut, in this case the Shechitah is valid because the two Simanim were cut with one diagonal cut.
7. Since the knife was inserted under the upper Siman at the time that the lower Siman was cut, even if he cut the Siman from top to bottom it is Pasul.
8. Bei Rav is in doubt about whether the same Safek applies also in a case in which the knife was inserted under a cloth that was wrapped around the neck of the animal, or under the matted wool of the animal.
9. Shechitah must be done with a back and forth motion.
10. Before it is shot, the arrow must be checked to ensure that it has no notches or nicks.

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