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1. A Parah Adumah is valid with Shechitah but not with Arifah.
2. Which one of the two goats of Yom Kippur is la'Shem and which is la'Azazel can be determined only by drawn lots.
3. Lots do not determine which of the two birds of Kinei Zavim, Zavos, or Yoldos is a Chatas and which is an Olah.
4. When the Mishkan was in the Midbar, Leviyim became disqualified from Avodah at the age of 50, but Mumim do not disqualify them.
5. Mumim disqualify Kohanim from doing the Avodah, but age does not disqualify them.
6. The Leviyim begin to learn Hilchos Avodah at the age of 25, and they begin doing the Avodah at the age of 30.
7. If a Ba'al Keri immersed without first urinating, upon urinating he becomes Tamei, according to the Tana Kama.
8. Rebbi Yosi maintains that only an ill or aged Ba'al Keri who urinates after immersing is Tamei.
9. A Kohen is qualified for the Avodah when he develops two hairs, according to the Tana Kama. According to Rebbi, he is not qualified until he reaches the age of 20.
10. An earthenware utensil is susceptible to Tum'ah from the inside but not from the outside. The reverse is true in the case of utensils made from other materials.


1. An Eglah Arufah is valid with Arifah but not with Shechitah.
2. A Gezeiras ha'Kasuv states that they are not designated merely by calling one of them la'Shem and the other la'Azazel.
3. The Chatas and Olah of the pair of birds are determined by the owner calling one bird a Chatas and the other an Olah.
4. However, age disqualified them only from the Avodah of carrying the Mishkan and its utensils. When the Mishkan was in Shilo, and after the Beis ha'Mikdash was built, their only Avodah was guarding the gates and singing, from which they were not disqualified with age.
5. However, when the Kohanim reach the age at which their hands and feet shake, they are disqualified from doing the Avodah.
6. The Tana Kama learns from this that if a student has not grasped the material after five years of study, he will never grasp it. Rebbi Yosi maintains that failure to grasp the material in just three years is a sign that he will never grasp it; however, the laws of Avodah are very complex, and therefore the Leviyim are given five years to learn the material.
7. There is a concern that the Keri was not emitted completely, and a drop of Keri will be emitted upon urinating.
8. If a person is youthful enough to be able to remove and don his shoe while standing on one leg, he is Tahor.
9. Even according to Rebbi, Min ha'Torah a Kohen may perform the Avodah when he develops two hairs. However, according to one opinion, he is prohibited by the Rabanan from performing the Avodah until he reaches the age of 20. According to another opinion, he is permitted to perform the Avodah even mid'Rabanan, but the other Kohanim do not allow him to do it.
10. Even if the Tum'ah does not come into contact with the earthenware utensil, the utensil is Tamei if it is within the airspace.

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