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1. Rebbi Akiva maintains that while the Jewish people were in the Midbar, they were permitted to eat meat without Shechitah. Rebbi Yishmael disagrees.
2. According to Rebbi Akiva, the Jewish people in the Midbar were permitted to eat meat without bringing the animal as a Korban. Rebbi Yishmael disagrees.
3. If a person slaughters a Chayah improperly, making it a Neveilah, or if he tears the Chayah apart or rips out the Simanim, he is not required to cover the blood.
4. During the seven years of the Jewish people's conquest of Eretz Kena'an in the times of Yehoshua, they were permitted to eat the spoils of the Kena'anim, including pig meat.
5. Shechitah may be done even at night, and even on a roof or on a boat.
6. A knife that has many notches is Pasul. If it has only one notch and it comes to a point on both sides of the notch, it is also Pasul.
7. If the knife of Shechitah comes to a point on only one side of the notch, if the point is at the end of the knife, the Shechitah is valid, but only if the Shechitah was performed in one stroke.
8. A Shochet must show his knife to a Chacham in order to ensure that it has no flaws which would invalidate it for Shechitah.
9. Rav Papa says that the knife of Shechitah must be checked with one's finger and fingernail. According to one version, three sides of the knife must be checked.
10. If a knife of Shechitah is heated up in a fire prior to Shechitah, it is valid.


1. However, even according to Rebbi Akiva, upon their entry to Eretz Yisrael, they became forbidden to eat meat without Shechitah.
2. However, even according to Rebbi Yishmael, they were permitted to eat the meat of a Chayah (such as a deer) in the Midbar since it is not fit to be offered as a Korban.
3. Since it is forbidden to eat the meat of a Chayah without a proper Shechitah, there is no obligation to cover the blood.
4. However, according to one opinion, the only non-Kosher food that they were permitted to eat was food that they looted from the Kena'anim. Non-Kosher food that they had in their possession before they captured Eretz Kena'an was forbidden.
5. However, l'Chatchilah one may slaughter at night only with the light of a torch.
6. A knife which has more than one point is Pasul because the first point may weaken the hide and flesh of the animal and the second point may rip the Simanim, making the animal a Neveilah.
7. If the Shechitah is done with two strokes, the hide and the flesh will be weakened with the first stroke and the Simanim may be ripped with the second stroke, making the animal a Neveilah.
8. A knife must be checked Min ha'Torah. However, the requirement to show it to a Chacham is only for the honor of the Chachamim.
9. The three sides are: the sharp edge, and the two sides of the edge.
10. The knife cuts the Simanim before it heats them up enough to burn them.

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