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MENACHOS 49 (23 Nisan) - dedicated by Mr. Avy Reichman of Queens, NY, l'Iluy Nishmas his father, Dovid ben Avraham, for the day of his Yahrzeit.


1. If Kivsei Atzeres were slaughtered l'Shem Eilim, they are valid, but the owner does not fulfill his obligation, according to Rabah bar bar Chanah. According to Rav, the owner fulfills his obligation.
2. Rav Chisda says that even according to Rav, the owner fulfills his obligation only if he thought that the Kivsei Atzeres were Eilim and slaughtered them l'Shem Kevasim. If, however, he slaughtered them l'Shem Eilim, he does not fulfill his obligation. Rabah disagrees.
3. If a Kohen deliberately offers a Korban with a Machshavas Pigul, he must compensate the owner for the cost of the Korban.
4. Rebbi Shimon says that if the Kohen performed Kemitzah she'Lo Lishmah, it is valid and the owner fulfills his obligation, because it is obvious to all which type of Minchah it is.
5. The Korban Tamid may be offered even if the Korban Musaf is not offered. The Korban Musaf may be offered even if the Korban Tamid is not offered.
6. If the Korban Tamid is not offered in the morning, it may be offered in the afternoon, according to the Tana Kama. Rebbi Shimon disagrees in the event that it was deliberately not offered in the morning.
7. If there are not enough Kevasim available for both the Temidim and the Musafim of that day, the Temidim should be offered, because they are Tadir (more frequent).
8. The Korban Tamid must be the first Korban offered in the morning every day.
9. There must be no less than six Tela'im which have been checked for blemishes in the Lishkas ha'Tela'im at any time. This amount is sufficient for the Temidim of Shabbos and two days of Rosh Hashanah.
10. Ben Bag Bag says that the Tela'im offered for the Korban Tamid must be checked for blemishes four days before the Shechitah.


1. The owner of the Kivsei Atzeres is the Tzibur. If the Kohen says that he is slaughtering the Kevasim l'Shem Eilim, the Tzibur does not fulfill its obligation. New Kevasim must be brought, according to Rabah bar bar Chanah.
2. According to Rabah, if the Kohen thought the animals were Eilim and he slaughtered them l'Shem Eilim, since he slaughtered them on a mistaken premise, the Tzibur fulfills its obligation, because had he known that they were Kevasim, he would have slaughtered them l'Shem Kevasim.
3. However, if he had a Machshavas Pigul b'Shogeg -- for example, he thought that it was permissible to bring a Chatas l'Shem Shelamim and he offered the Korban with intent to eat it for two days like a Shelamim instead of one day like a Chatas -- he is exempt from compensating the owner.
4. Rava explains that only a Machshavah which is not obviously false disqualifies a Korban, but a Machshavah that is not obviously false does not disqualify a Korban.
5. The Korbenos Musafim may be offered even if only some of the Korbenos Musafim are offered and not all of them.
6. If the Ketores was not offered in the morning, it may be offered in the afternoon. Rebbi Shimon says that the Ketores for the entire day is brought in the afternoon.
7. However, if the Temidim of that day have already been offered and there are insufficient Kevasim for both the Musafim of that day and the Temidim of the next day, there is a doubt about whether the Temidim are offered because they are Tadir, or whether the Musafim are brought because they are Mekudash.
8. However, if another Korban is offered before the Korban Tamid, b'Di'eved it is valid.
9. If the two days of Rosh Hashanah occur on Thursday and Friday, or on Sunday and Monday, it would be necessary to have six Tela'im prepared for the three days of Shabbos and Yom Tov.
10. This is derived from the Korban Pesach offered in Mitzrayim, which was acquired on the tenth day of Nisan, four days before Erev Pesach, in order to be checked for blemishes.

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