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1. The Kometz, Isaron of flour, and oil of a Minchah must consist of the full Shi'ur. Otherwise, it is Pasul.
2. The flour and oil are essential for a Minchah. A Minchah that consists of one without the other is Pasul.
3. The two goats of Yom ha'Kipurim, the two Kivsei Atzeres, the two Chalos of the Shtei Lechem, the two orders of the Lechem ha'Panim, and the two Bazichin of the Lechem ha'Panim are essential. One without the other is Pasul.
4. The two types of bread that a Nazir brings with his Shelamim, the three species used with a Parah Adumah, the four types of bread brought with a Korban Todah, the Arba'as ha'Minim of Sukos, and the four species brought by a Metzora are all indispensable.
5. The Tana Kama says that a Lulav is valid whether or not its components are bound together. Rebbi Yehudah says that the Lulav must be bound.
6. Even according to the Tana Kama, there is a Mitzvah to bind the Lulav. However, if it is not bound, it is valid.
7. If the seven Haza'os of a Parah Adumah were sprinkled she'Lo Lishmah or were not sprinkled toward the entrance of the Heichal, there is a disagreement about whether it is Pasul.
8. If the Kohen sprinkled she'Lo Lishmah the Haza'os of a Chatas ha'Penimis or the Log Shemen of a Metzora, it is Pasul. If he sprinkled it in the wrong direction, it is valid.
9. If a Mechusar Kipurim enters the Azarah b'Shogeg, he is Chayav to bring a Chatas. If he enters b'Mezid, he is Chayav Kares.
10. If a non-Kohen who is Tahor enters the Heichal, he is Chayav Malkus. If he enters the Kodesh ha'Kodashim but does not go in front of the Aron, according to the Rabanan he is Chayav Misah. According to Rebbi Yehudah, he is Chayav Malkus.
11. One is Chayav for entering the Kodesh ha'Kodashim only if he enters through the main entrance in the east, directly facing the Aron.


1. The Nesachim also must consist of the full amount of the required Shi'ur of wine. Otherwise, it is also Pasul.
2. The Kometz and Levonah are both essential. A Minchah that consists of one without the other is Pasul.
3. The orders of bread of the Lechem ha'Panim and the Bazichin are both essential. One without the other is Pasul.
4. The seven Haza'aos of the Parah Adumah and of a Chatas ha'Penimis are all indispensable.
5. Rav Chanan bar Rava says that according to the Tana Kama, if one holds the four species one at a time, he fulfills the Mitzvah as long as all four are in his possession at all times.
6. It is a Hidur Mitzvah to bind the Lulav.
7. According to the Rabanan, even if the blood of the Parah Adumah was not sprinkled in the direction of the Heichal, it is valid. According to Rebbi Yehudah, it is Pasul. Rava says that even according to the Rabanan, it is Pasul if it was sprinkled in the wrong direction, such as if the Kohen sprinkled the blood toward the north or south instead of toward the west.
8. The Log Shemen of a Metzora is offered with his Asham, and an Asham offered she'Lo Lishmah is valid, but it does not permit the Metzora to enter the Machaneh. He must bring another Asham.
9. Although the person who is Mechusar Kipurim already immersed and underwent He'erev Shemesh, since he did not yet offer his Korban he is Chayav for entering the Azarah, and all the more so one who is a Tevul Yom (who has not underwent He'erev Shemesh), and certainly one who is fully Tamei (who has not yet immersed).
10. If he goes in front of the Aron, everyone agrees that he is Chayav Misah.
11. If one enters the Kodesh ha'Kodashim from a side entrance which he makes in the north or south of the Azarah, or he enters through the main entrance at an angle without facing the Aron and he turns to the side of the Kodesh ha'Kodashim, he is not Chayav.

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