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1. It is healthy for a person to eat an amount of food equivalent to the size of 43.2 eggs every day.
2. The Mishnah discusses a case in which a ladder connects people who live on the second floor to people who live on the ground floor.
3. The Mishnah discusses a specific detail in the case of two separate Eruvin made by members of the Chatzer and members of the porch (see above, #2).
4. The Gemara says that the same law (#3) applies in the case of an embankment of a pit (comprised of dirt from a pit) that is close to the porch.
5. The Gemara discusses the law in a case of residents in two different domains who have access to an area near, or in, their domains.


1. The Gemara says that one who eats more than this amount is a glutton, and one who eats less than this will have stomach issues.
2. The case is where the people from the second floor have their own shared porch, and they go descend a ladder to get to the Chatzer from which they exit to the public domain. The ladder enables the two floors to make one Eruv, allowing them to carry from the Chatzer to the porch. Nevertheless, they still have the option to make two separate Eruvin in their respective domains (which would not allow carrying from the Chatzer to the porch).
3. The Mishnah says that any mound in the Chatzer that is ten Tefachim high and can easily be used by the people on the second floor is included in their Eruv. If it is less than ten Tefachim high, it is solely for the usage of the people in the Chatzer.
4. If the pit is within four Tefachim of the porch and its embankment (Chulyas ha'Bor) is ten Tefachim above the ground, it may be used only by the residents of the second floor. The Gemara later (84a) says that this applies only when the pit is filled with things that may not be removed, such as untithed produce.
5. For example, the Gemara says that if the residents of both areas can use the top of a tall wall only by throwing items on it, then neither area's residents may carry from the top of the wall to their respective domain.

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