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1. Rav and Shmuel disagree about when a tree is deemed an Asheirah tree.
2. There is a despute about whether the making of a Shituf Mavo'os or an Eruv Techumin requires that an act of acquisition be performed on behalf of the others in the Mavoy or Chatzer.
3. The amount of food needed for an Eruv depends on the number of people included in the Eruv.
4. If people move into a Chatzer, they can be included in the Eruv without their knowledge.
5. There is a dispute about what may be used to make an Eruv Chatzeros and Shituf Mavo'os.


1. Rav: It is an Asheirah tree when idolaters do not eat the tree's fruit because it is designated for their idol. Shmuel: It is an Asheirah tree when the tree's fruits are said to be dedicated for consumption by the worshippers of a specific idol on their holiday.
2. Rav: Shituf Mavo'os is the subject of a dispute. Eruv Techumin requires that one perform an act of acquisition on behalf of others. Shmuel: Eruv Techumin does not need require an act of acquisition, but Shituf Mavo'os does.
3. If the Eruv includes 18 people or less, one size of a fig's worth of food is required per person. If there are more than 18 people, a total of two meals is required altogether for everyone (the size of 18 figs), even if there are many people.
4. This refers only to an Eruv Chatzeros, and only as long as they do not have to contribute any food in order to be included in the Eruv. Since an Eruv Chatzeros is entirely for their benefit, they are included in it. An Eruv Techumin obviously cannot be made for someone without that person's knowledge, since it restricts him (and is not entirely to his benefit) in one direction.
5. Rebbi Eliezer: Anything may be used, with the exception of water and salt. Rebbi Yehoshua: One must use a whole loaf of bread, but it may be as small as an Isar (a type of coin).

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