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ERUVIN 27 - Dedicated by Rabbi Dr. Eli Turkel of Ra'anana, Israel, in memory of his grandparents, Reb Shlomo ben Eliezer Lipa ha'Levi Turkel (whose Yahrzeit is on 21 Tishrei, Hoshana Raba) and Rachel Turkel.


1. When a general rule is stated, we cannot apply it to every specific situation, even when the rule itself states specific situations in which it does not apply.
2. The Gemara cites examples describing situations in which one was not able to apply a general rule to a specific situation (#1).
3. The Gemara explains that the Mishnah itself is an example of how one cannot apply a general rule to every specific situation.
4. There is a dispute about the exception of water and salt stated in the Mishnah (26b).
5. If one buys an item that may be bought with money of Ma'aser Sheni, the parts of that item that are not edible do not need to be exchanged for food.


1. In other words, there may be additional exceptions to the rule that were not mentioned.
2. One such example is the general rule regarding which Mitzvos a woman is obligated to perform and from which ones she is exempt.
3. The general rule states that all foods may be used to make an Eruv Chatzeros or Shituf Mavo'os with the exception of water and salt, but one also may not make an Eruv or Shituf with mushrooms.
4. One opinion is that the Mishnah means that water and salt may not be used individually for an Eruv, but they may be used when they are mixed together. A different opinion is that water and salt may not be bought with money of Ma'aser Sheni individually, but they may be bought when they are mixed together.
5. For example, when a person buys an animal with money of Ma'aser Sheni money, he does not have to sell the hide of the animal to buy food. Rather, he may benefit from it as is, and it does not have the sanctity of Ma'aser Sheni.

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