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1. The Gemara explains the Mishnah's argument about how one should remove a dead Sheretz from the Azarah on Shabbos.
2. It is preferable for Kohanim to do repairs in the Heichal rather than non-Kohanim.
3. Only Kohanim without blemishes should enter the area between the Ulam and the Mizbe'ach in order to make the gold foil (to line the inside of the Kodesh ha'Kodashim).
4. When there is no Tahor Kohen without a blemish available, there is a dispute about whether it is preferable for a Tamei Kohen without a blemish or a Tahor Kohen with a blemish to enter this area (#3).


1. Rebbi Yochanan says that the dispute in the Mishnah depends on how to understand an incident recorded in Divrei ha'Yamim. The Kohanim removed a Tamei item from the Heichal into the Azarah, and the Leviyim removed it from the Azarah. One opinion says that the Kohanim did not remove the item entirely from the Beis ha'Mikdash, because the most important job was to get the item out of the Heichal. The other opinion says that it was equally important to get it out of the Azarah, and it was just preferable that the Leviyim take over at that point in order to minimize the Kohanim's contact with Tum'ah.
2. If the Kohanim cannot make the repairs, then a Levi should do it. If a Levi is not available, then a Yisrael may do it.
3. However, if there are only Kohanim with blemishes, then they may also enter the area.
4. Rav: A Tamei Kohen should enter, since he is permitted to enter when there is a Korban Tzibur that must be offered and there is no one Tahor to offer it. Rebbi Elazar: A Kohen with a blemish should enter, because he is permitted to eat Kodshim.

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