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ERUVIN 96-100 - Dedicated in memory of Max (Meir Menachem ben Shlomo ha'Levi) Turkel, by his children Eddie and Lawrence and his wife Jean Turkel/Rafalowicz. Max was a warm and loving husband and father and is missed dearly by his family and friends. His Yahrzeit is 5 Teves.


1. Rav Huna: If the area under the tree is a Beis Se'asayim, one may not carry underneath it more than four Amos at a time.
2. There is a dispute about the roots of a tree that rise above three Tefachim and then dip down to below three Tefachim.
3. Whether the roots are permitted is determined by the height of the majority of the roots.
4. A man may not force his wife to have relations with him.
5. However, if a husband sees that his wife is interested in him and he is with her, they will have great children.


1. The Gemara explains that the overhanging branches of a tree are considered walls when they reach within three Tefachim of the ground. However, carrying underneath the overhanging branches is permitted only up to a Beis Se'asayim, because that area is clearly only for temporary use; it cannot have the status of a house (in which one may carry regardless of its size), even if it was planted for residential purposes.
2. The general rule is that one may not use any tree on Shabbos that is higher than three Tefachim. The Gemara records a dispute about whether one may use roots that rise above three and then dip down below three.
3. If three sides of the root are above three Tefachim and one side is below three Tefachim (i.e. the ground rises to meet it), it is forbidden to use it on Shabbos.
4. The Gemara says that children from such a union will not be good.
5. Although a woman should be careful not to explicitly state to her husband that she wants to have relations with him, she may do so by way of hints.

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