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1. The Gemara explains why Rebbi Yehoshua insists that a whole loaf must be used for Eruv or Shituf.
2. All of the residents of the Chatzer must give a whole loaf (according to Rebbi Yehoshua). They cannot give slices of bread even if they all agree to do so.
3. The pieces of a whole loaf of bread that broke apart may be attached together to form a whole loaf that may be used to make an Eruv.
4. An Eruv may be made with rice bread or lentil bread (even according to Rebbi Yehoshua).
5. The Gemara discusses rules regarding the comments of Rebbi Yehudah in Mishnayos.


1. People might say that it is not fair that they gave a whole loaf while others in the Chatzer gave a mere piece of bread, and it may cause arguments.
2. This is because things might change, leading them to fight again if some start giving whole loaves.
3. This is permitted only when it is not apparent by looking at the loaf that it is not really whole.
4. However, an Eruv may not be made with millet bread.
5. For example, the law follows Rebbi Yehudah in cases of Eruvin (Chatzeros, Techumin), but not with regard to the forming of partitions to permit carrying.

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