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1. Stam Mishnayos in Eruvin are according to Rebbi Yosi.
2. A person may make his animal stand on grass on Shabbos, but not on Muktzah items.
3. The Mishnah states how one makes a Shituf Mavo'os.
4. The Mishnah discusses who may acquire the wine on behalf of the residents of the Mavoy.
5. The Gemara explains the teachings of the elders of Pumbedisa regarding these acquisitions.


1. The Gemara concludes that the Mishnah in Ohalos (15:7) that seems to disagree with the Mishnah here is not in accordance with the view of Rebbi Yosi.
2. We are not concerned that he will tear the grass out of the ground and perform a Torah prohibition, but we are concerned that he might pick up Muktzah to feed to his animal, and therefore it is prohibited.
3. One may take a barrel of wine and have someone else acquire it on behalf of everyone in the Mavoy.
4. It may be acquired on their behalf by one's adult sons or daughters, his Jewish servants, and his wife. It may not be acquired by his children who are minors or his Kena'ani servants.
5. The barrel of wine must be picked up one Tefach above the ground when it is being acquired on behalf of the other residents of the courtyard.

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