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1. Rav Sheshes: The verse implies that we are all "drunk" nowadays.
2. A person who is as intoxicated as Lot was (who was so intoxicated that he sinned with his daughters) is not punished by Beis Din for sins committed during the time he is drunk.
3. The Gemara says that it is a great merit for someone to refrain from praying while drunk.
4. "Yayin" and "Sod" have the same numerical value: 70.
5. Wine was created primarily to comfort mourners and to reward evildoers in this world.


1. The Gemara concludes that this is only a viable defense for people who did not pray with proper intent.
2. Therefore, if a person was clearly inebriated when he sinned, he would not be given lashes or execution by Beis Din. However, if he was less drunk than Lot, he would be punished for his sin.
3. It says that even if he was destined to suffer, these punishments are rescinded if he refrains from praying while drunk.
4. This alludes to the fact that when a person drinks wine, he reveals his secrets.
5. This is so that the evildoers will not receive any reward in the next world.

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